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About Hulu

Hulu is one of the oldest and most trusted Streaming providers. In fact, there is big competition for Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos. Similar to other streaming providers, they also have a free trial for a month. What makes it different from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is that they also stream TV channels like ESPN and Disney on the same subscription plan. So let's find out more about Hulu Streaming services here. 

About Sling TV

If you are in the USA & you are looking for some of the best Over the Internet TV services then Sling TV is what you must try. Apart from Netflix, Amazon Prive Videos, Sling TV is USA's widely used internet TV Services. Apart from this, it also provides movies on Demand service. But, what lags is that it is way behind the competition. Therefore, here we are to share with you more details on Sling TV. 

Hulu V/S Sling TV Details

Specifications Hulu Sling TV
Company Hulu Dish Network
Plan $5.99 $25
Internet Speed Yes Yes
TV Support Yes Yes
Fiber (Y/N) No No
Best For Everyone Local TV Channels
Coverage Area Worldwide USA
Services Live Sports & TV Shows, Any Time Money Back Guaranty Movies on Demand

Hulu vs Sling TV Conclusion 

´╗┐Both Hulu and Sling TV is a USA based Streaming service providers. But, Hulu is recognized worldwide, whereas Sling TV is only known in the USA. The only difference is that Sling has more Local USA based TV challenges, whereas Hulu provides mainstream TV channels and well as Animes, Movies and Live TV Shows. 
Therefore, we recommend Hulu over Sling TV if you really want to buy something better. 

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